WASHplus Pilots Integration Program for WASH and NTD Interventions in Burkina Faso

NTDsWASHplus is implementing a pilot program in Burkina Faso that is designed to develop an integrated WASH–NTD model that can be scaled up in-country and replicated elsewhere. Burkina Faso is a country with very little latrine coverage, relatively poor hygiene practices, and pockets of high burden of disease related to water, sanitation, and hygiene. Without a serious focus on face washing and environmental cleanliness.

WASHplus is working in Burkina Faso to partner with stakeholders at district and provincial levels to implement a comprehensive WASH–NTD integrated program in one district. We will then document and disseminate the learnings gained through this pilot program. WASHplus will also engage multiple stakeholders inside and outside of government, including working with existing government structures at multiple levels, such as local government that has the mandate for water and sanitation at the local level. Typically, WASH and NTD programs have not worked together in Burkina Faso, though some precedence exists for inter-sectoral collaboration through the WASH-Nutrition group that has been spearheaded by UNICEF and embraced by government stakeholders.

To learn more about the pilot in Burkina Faso read this brief prepared by WASHplus: “WASHing Away Worms and Other Neglected Tropical Diseases .”

To learn more about WASHplus work in NTDs visit the WASHplus website (http://www.washplus.org/wash-ntds).

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