Controlling NTDs through WASH in Burkina Faso

wash ntd integration

WASHplus  is exploring WASH interventions that can be used to help eliminate and/or control trachoma, soil transmitted helminthes, and schistosomiasis. The activities are conceptualized in three phases: desk review; joint NTD/WASHplus assessments in two countries—Bangladesh and Burkina Faso; and pilot implementation in one country. The pilot WASH-NTD integration activity is being implemented in Gnagna Province, eastern Burkina Faso. Following an assessment visit, WASHplus hired a coordinator who is establishing relationships with the Ministry of Health’s neglected tropical disease division, UNICEF, other USAID partners and local organizations engaged in WASH and NTD activities. WASHplus will precede program implementation with a baseline study on WASH practices and NTD knowledge in intervention villages. WASHplus will also assist the government to facilitate a WASH-NTD integration working group at the national level and in the communes in which WASHplus will work. The community-based behavior change intervention will be carried out by a local organization and supported, if feasible, with a radio campaign. The materials developed by the project will be available for the government and other key partners to use in other areas of the country, when the WASHplus project closes in 2016.

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