Uganda–Assessing Opportunities for WASH Integration


WASHplus staff accompanied STAR-SW, a USAID implementing partner, during an HIV Quarterly Pediatric Campaign Day at a district hospital in Kanungu District to observe and then discuss specific options for integrating WASH into HIV and nutrition programming. During Campaign Days, HIV-affected families are invited for family health and nutrition counseling as well as refills of HIV medications. Families come early and spend the day, receiving tea and lunch. The day culminates with a health education session. Various opportunities were identified for WASH integration in formal and informal settings. The current lack of hand washing stations/supplies means that lunch and tea provide a prime opportunity to demonstrate tippy taps, model proper hand washing, and later follow-up with a hands-on session on “how to make a tippy tap” while families wait for their turn with clinicians. WASHplus proposed training volunteer peer educators to deliver short, interactive sessions (like the tippy tap sessions) throughout the day in addition to their health education session to take advantage of the captive audience awaiting their turn for services.

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