Its not just a day, its a menstravaganza!

On Wednesday June 4, the WASHplus project celebrated Menstrual Hygiene Day at FHI 360 with a special screening of award winning documentary Menstrual Man. The event was sponsored by WASHplus/USAID, CARE, Save the Children, Plan International, WASH Advocates, and FHI 360. Over 100 people came together to celebrate the menstravaganza.

We kicked the menstravaganza off with opening remarks from Sarah Fry, WASH in Schools Technical Advisor for WASHplus. Sarah introduced the partners and sponsors who made the menstravaganza happen.

Sarah also spoke briefly but  passionately about the importance of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) for keeping girls in school during their menses. MHM is an important component of the SPLASH project which Sarah works on. SPLASH which stands for Schools Promoting Learning Achievement through Sanitation and Hygiene, recently developed a toolkit “Menstrual Hygiene Management Mini-Toolbox for Teachers and Schools in Zambia” designed to help classroom and guidance teachers in Zambian primary schools who are carrying out menstrual hygiene management (MHM) programs or activities in their school.  SPLASH is offering various kinds of support to teachers to help set up MHM programs and facilities to help keep girls and female teachers in school in Zambia.

We topped the evening off with inspiring discussion and dialogue for the integration of menstrual hygiene management (MHM) into global and national policies, programs and projects. Attendees shared stories and learned from others about opportunities to integrate MHM into school, HIV, disability, emergency and workplace settings. We heard about about how to get started and how to “keep it going”… and saw a range of menstrual hygiene products and programs.

Next, we watched the funny, uplifting, inspiring film “Menstrual Man” – about one man’s personal odyssey to make affordable sanitary pads for poor women and girls in India. Inspired by Menstrual Man,viewers posted messages on a word wall, telling us why menstruation matters to them! Attendees also pledged to support and celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day not just on May 28 each year, but every day by advocating for improved menstrual hygiene management for girls and women everywhere.

See photos and videos from the menstravaganza below:

photo (1)BpURZbNIEAEXCKf

WIN_20140604_170313 - Copy


WIN_20140604_170031 WIN_20140604_172052 WIN_20140604_172259 WIN_20140604_172352 WIN_20140604_172413 WIN_20140604_172733

MHM toolbox


Check out the Menstrual Man trailer below.

WIN_20140604_185026 - Copy

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WIN_20140604_170138 WIN_20140604_170313 WIN_20140604_170608 - Copy WIN_20140604_184926 WIN_20140604_185406 WIN_20140604_185452


WIN_20140605_120918 - Copy WIN_20140605_120918 WIN_20140605_120947 WIN_20140605_121000 WIN_20140605_121019 WIN_20140605_121051 - Copy (2)



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