WASHplus Attends National Sanitation Conference in Kenya

In April 2014, the Ministry of Health in conjunction with partners hosted the 1st National Sanitation Conference in Nairobi, “Accelerating Access to Improved Sanitation under Devolution: Making the Right a Reality.” More than 200 participants from 47 counties attended, including county health officials and NGO and development partners. As a key partner in the sector, and the national facilitator for the Hygiene Promotion Technical Working Group, WASHplus/Kenya played a major role in planning and preparing for the conference. WASHplus exhibited various products, including WASH-HIV integration training guides and job aids, fact sheets, posters, banners, and success stories. Samples of improvised toilet seats created to improve sanitation access and tippy taps were also displayed. The small doable actions and inclusive sanitation concepts elicited a lot of interest; participants about taking the concepts to scale in other counties. This conference marked a turning point for Kenya as the country seeks to make the right to sanitation a reality as stipulated in the constitution of Kenya 2010. Cabinet secretaries from each of the 47 counties have since committed to increased budgeting for sanitation.

Below, Evelyn Makena, WASHplus Kenya country program manager, talks about the WASHplus program with Cabinet Secretary for Health James Macharia at the National Sanitation Conference in Kenya. Photo credit: George Obanyi/FHI 360.

kenya sanitation conference


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